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I love this boy. He makes me so happy. #boyfriend #love ❤️❤️❤️
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Just a girl learning to trust Him



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"Though the mountains move and the hills shake, My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken," says your compassionate Lord.
Just a girl trying to find her way

follooooooooooow please! :)

Just a girl trying to find her way

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God & "You're Special"


"God made you special!"
"And He loves you very much!"

If you read that in Bob and Larry’s voice, then you’ve probably heard that millions of times after watching King George fix his ducky issue or Madame Blueberry having too much stuff.

But what does it mean?

If you think society telling us…

Love Revolution


love- [luhv] noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.


1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

2.a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3.sexual passion or desire.

4.a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person;…




What does it mean?

No, I’m not talking about being graceful (because I am not that.)

I’m talking about GOD’S GRACE.


God’s grace?

What’s that?

It’s the thing that makes our God so amazing. So different. So fantastic.

This is what shows us how much he loves us.


God Girl

Making a Christian blog! 

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I’ll mainly be on there.


bunny friends looking at the sky together